Enrichment Holding Pty Ltd

International Trading

The wealth of business resources, broad business platform, direct and effective cooperation and communication channels, good reputation and business performance, large group teamwork are the strength and advantage of Enrichment Group standing strongly in political and business for nearly four decades.


Trading Area

We will assist our clients signing supplying contract directly with the supplier in Australia which can help to ensure the exclusivity of resource so the clients will have exclusive product source and price advantage.

We will request the clients to have their own selling channel. And we can assist with the logistic between China and Australia, customs clearance, license of import/export, storage in Australia, recruiting and training. Our clients will sign the contract directly with the supplier in Australia and pick up the goods in China with no intermediate fee. We can also help to apply sole agency for some products.

The variety includes: Wine, honey, oats, UHT milk, beef or lamb, seafood like lobster, strawberry, cherry, feed grass for cows, chicken powder, fish meal, coal mine, iron mine, brass mine, colour mine like manganese Ore, aluminium ore, rare titanium ore, zinc ore waste recycle, waste tire, waste plastic, health care products, skin care for baby, Italian olive oil and leather (direct export from Italy to China), tencil (direct export from Austria to China)…Etc. We can also contact the supplier of specific product for our clients.     



Industry Exchange and Cooperation

Technology and skill industry

Service and management industry

Architecture and design industry

Pharmaceutical and medical industry

Industrial technique and safety

Agriculture technology 

Environmental protection and engineering

Electronic engineering and telecommunication


Process of Our Service

Business survey

Confirm trading category

Set trading plan

Company and trading mark register

Discussion with supplier

Building basic company frame

Hiring manager and employee

Office and stock room setting

Trading license application and renting

Set up trading system

Commercial lawyer

Accountant registration

Product delivery

Custom clearance

Start up business operation

Supporting service

If it is import business to Australia, the service will include Australian market promotion and selling channels negotiation and building

We can also assist immigration related needs