Enrichment Holding Pty Ltd

Business Consulting


Enrichment Holding Group Company, has 30 years of business background and political context in Australia, We have a number of successful promotion within Australia and we have built mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries. We also have a wide range of business resources and our company believe in non-competitive advantage. We have a strong public relations and consulting team who hold a number of business qualifications. We have been and will remain committed to cooperation and friendly relations between the multinational.

We have successfully accomplished several visiting groups in Australia and lead to business cooperation afterward. Wide-range of business resource and background will be the most valuable competitive advantage of our company. Our public relations and consulting team will keep dedication on the cooperation and friendly relationship internationally.

The business scope includes: following a government delegation to the matching up of the Government, to undertake the enterprise mission, enterprise and matching up, to undertake the mission of individual investors, to inspect the project and matching up in all areas related to import and export trade, IPO, overseas investors in Australia settlement and other services. Our scope also include project selection, project negotiations, project development, operation of the project or project management, direct investment, acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, purchase options, undertake the enterprise mission, enterprise project connection, personal business visiting mission, visiting project connection, training and education, etc.

The projects includes land development, government supporting project (Farm, Communication, Community centre, Sport centre, Nursing home and Public facilities…Etc.) and license application of government protecting industry(Fishing, Hotel management). 

Enrichment Holding provides long-term financial investing service includes:

* International IPO (front door or back door)

* Establish or acquisition of foreign exchange company

* Establish or acquisition of Stock company  

* Establish or acquisition of private back

* Establish or acquisition of insurance company

* Establish or acquisition of credit card company

* Establish or acquisition of fund company

All the financial service listed above includes system platform building, employee recruiting, license application, company structure building and long-term business operation support.