Enrichment Holding Pty Ltd

Company History

Enrichment Enterprises was founded in the background to the seventies of last century, two generations of tradition, the main business involves legal, trade, project and real estate development, and other related fields.

Areas of the law has repeatedly won the Australian Supreme Court for the client or enterprise successfully created more than 60 Australian listed companies; the area of trade promote the success of hundreds of Australia and other countries import and export trade, trade categories, products or services involved the commercial areas; to undertake and successfully operate a number of government projects, such as public facilities, the construction operations, the successful development of dozens of real estate development projects throughout the states of Australia, especially Victoria.

The wealth of business resources, a broad business platform, direct and effective cooperation and communication channels, a good reputation and performance, a large group teamwork, Enrichment standing political and business for nearly four decades of business advantage.

Enrichment Enterprises precipitation of nearly four decades, the steady conservation of temperament, open attitude, a long way to go!