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New Year Trip to Farm

Release date:2019-01-11




At the beginning of 2019, the president of Australia Enrichment Holding went to a Australian farm again and started a new trade cooperation. The cooperative farms include: a fruit farm located at the junction of NSW and Victoria (peach-based), a winegrower winery, more than 1 million acres of barley and wheat-growing bases, and a variety of high-quality Australian agricultural and sideline products.

The scenery is beautiful in the fruit farm




Now the international delivery is really fast. The nectarines are picked early in the morning and sent to Melbourne Airport in the evening. The nectarins fly to Chine over night and arrived at Guangzhou Airport the next morning at 10 o'clock. The customs clearance was completed at 11 o'clock. In the afternoon, the SF cold chain cars were shipped to all parts of China. With a total of 72 hours, most parts of China will be able to eat fresh Australian nectarines. Please contact us fo Australian agricultural and sideline products export, including all kinds of fresh fruits, honey, barley wheat and so on.