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Shenzhen one belt on road Association has visited Australia to seek for new opportunities.

Release date:2018-04-18


On April 12, 2018, at the invitation of the local government departments of Melbourne, chairman of One Belt and One Road investment promotion association of Shenzhen city – Xuanhao Chen together with the vice chairman of the association – Qing Zhong have come the visit to Australia. In response to China's proposed "one belt and one road" concept, the cooperation between the two countries has become an important part of China's initiative, in line with the concept of "to discuss, and sharing", the various social groups, China is actively response "one belt and one road" initiative, to non-governmental exchanges and cooperation. At present, Shenzhen One Belt and One Road investment promotion association has set up an office in Melbourne, Australia, aiming to establish a wider and more open international cooperation platform. 


During the visit, the chairman Mr Chen has had a full discussion and exchange with the leaders of the central government departments and parliamentarians in Melbourne, in relation to seek more opportunities for cooperation. In today's global economic integration, let the chamber of the association to go overseas, expanded their vision, develop more business ideas, enhance the level of technology, explore the future business development mode, has played a great role in promoting business.


In the exchange, we have a better understanding of high-tech technology, the local environmental protection, building construction and development cooperation projects, agriculture and other industries, market positioning, and investment business environment. It has assisted in building a closer relationship with local government departments for further cooperation.


Chairman Chen said that Shenzhen One Belt And One Road investment promotion will be a big platform for cooperation and development, and a new opportunity for countries to meet new challenges and give fully utilize to their resources. We hope that everyone will actively support and participate in the association in Shenzhen, and jointly promote the development of internal and external trade. We believe under the leadership of participation, we will seize the strategic opportunity. Through trade with neighboring countries, we will carry out practical work in accordance with the principles of internationalization, marketization and specialization, and play a win-win concerto.


Then, the vice chairman, Mr Zhong said that this brief discussion is just the beginning, later by the chamber of commerce platform, we are planning a higher level and more specific business activities, as for the better future between the two countries economic cooperation. 


Shenzhen One Belt And One Road investment promotion association responds to the national call, To speed up China's scientific and technological innovation, and actively cultivate agricultural new operators, promote the traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, promote agricultural efficiency and farmers' income, rural prosperity and development, ensure the effective supply of agricultural products and the quality and safety. This visit to Australia has proved that only cooperation can win.

It is hard to persist in the property industry, however may think differently. In many famous buildings around this world, they reflected human’s intelligence, they are also a precious legacy. Some buildings can be seen as a landmark and they represents the of a symbol of the country. Today we are going to write a new page of China's real estate industry! "Enrichment Family" project represents the friendship between China and Australia and It is also a new record in the history of Australian real estate industry.
A good start shows a vision of success, even it's a long way to go, but we have a strong faith in the first place. On May 14, 2017, after the peak BBS hosted by the association, the cooperation between two countries has brought up to the highest strategic level. Meanwhile, the economic and trade cooperation has become the most active part. Today, Shenzhen “one belt and one road” association has lead Zhongren enrichment group into Australia to discuss environmental protection, real estate development, agriculture cooperation projects which will write a glorious new chapter to the history.