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Shenzhen one belt one road promotion association established world first office in Melbourne

Release date:2018-04-04


The vice presedint ZhongQing entrusted by the chairmen Chen xuanhao to come to Australia for the grand openning of the office. 

Thanks to the concerted efforts of the two countries, the "shenzhen One Belt And One Road investment promotion association" officially opened the world's first office in Melbourne, Australia today. 

It will followed by setting up in 16 countries, including New Zealand, Britain, France, dubai, India and Tanzania. Peaceful development and win-win cooperation are the trend of The Times and the trend of the world. 

"Area" initiative to flourish, spectacular, unprecedented impact, is unprecedented in human history, scale, speed and energy to drive the new industry, leading the new global governance, civilization revival, caused the world in five hundred from the "big bang, big fusion and prosperity", then open the human, the development trend of China as the world's prosperity and stability and making great efforts and outstanding contributions.

Today all the investment promotion agency in shenzhen and including office in Melbourne,  Australia Enrichment Holding Groups and the Australian government including Australia council gethered together for the celebration of setting up offices in Melbourne and to discuss the environmental protection, energy, infrastructure construction of major projects. 

This proves that China and Australia have become beautiful cultural flowers in the southern hemisphere, and they are also an important link between the Chinese and Australian cultures and the friendship between the two peoples. It is believed that with our joint efforts, China and Australia will become more colorful and add a bright future to Australia's multiculturalism.

On March 27th, Australian department of defense, department of land and resources,  held the project meeting of 2000 mu development project in the west of the Melbourne.and they hope that We could Shared China's successful experience and achievements, and Shared prosperity and development for the benefit of the two peoples.