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A great visit to a large fruit farm

Release date:2018-01-18

In the last two days of 2017, Mr. Mike Li, President of Enrichment Holdings Australia, has attended a two-day meeting in fruit farms and wine estate. 


The farm is on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. 


the main topic of this meeting is about further cooperation in the fruit export between China and Australia in 2018, and another aspect is about overseas investors' interests in acquisitions or merge with Australian farms


The owner has given us a lot of fruit, freshly picked nectarine. anyone who has interest in fruit export, we welcome you to visit together next time. 


 This is a large farms that have been inherited by 2-3 generations of the family in Australia and have an investment quota of 5 million Australian dollars - 200 million Australian dollars. 


Most farms now cooperates with overseas investor. Due to the rapid increase in demand in overseas markets, now it's time to expand the scale.