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To 2018

Release date:2017-12-21
Today when i wrote down the title "To 2018", it felt like the same day fof last year. Fortunately, when we look back and sum up the year, Enrichment Holding Pty Ltd and its colleagues has made further prpogress through the concerted effort of each day. So this has been enriched with significance. 
What impressed me most is, when all the organisation consider it's impossible, we have created a miracle for our clients with professionality, sincere attitude, triumphalism and work style of excellence.  Quoting a Chinese ancient saying: "There are no hardships in the world, as long as there are hearts and minds." We create the possibility to fulfill our clients' needs .
Now move onto our new community project, after nearly a year of hard work, next year we will move forward to a brand new stage. For this, I want to thank our team, and partners fom various fields,With them working together, all aspects of project investment requirements were in place for the first time, and met the high standards of industry requirements, to ensure that our progress in the project has completed in a faster speed and has been recognized by various departments.
Next is the oversea branch of Enrichment Holding Pty Ltd. Followed by the Shenzhen branch and Hong Kong branch, Enrichment Group has also successfully established and started the operation of the Nanjing branch. Once again, we'd still like to thank the Enrichment Group's like-minded partners for their joint efforts to work together to open up the territories and seek win-win solutions while achieving the next common goal.
In the coming year, Enrichment Holding Group will continue to devote itself to enhancing our professional ability, improving customer service capability, make our services and expertise in a more depth and meticulous way, to achieve the dream of our clients. 
President of Enrichment Holding 
December 2017