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The project docking event for "Enrichment Homes" successfully held in Shenzhen

Release date:2017-12-21
In November 24th, A project docking event hosted by Federation of Shenzhen Commerce, SGCC and Shenzhen City in the real estate Development Co., Ltd of Australia development project has held at Kexing Science Park. The president of Federation of Shenzhen Commerce and SGCC - Zhuang Lixiang, The chairman of Shenzhen City in the real estate Development Co., Ltd - Zhongqing with nearly 200 entrepreneur has attended this event.
The chairman of Shenzhen City in the real estate Development Co., Ltd - Zhongqing made a speech, He said: "The Chamber of Commerce in China is improving day by day. It is not only consolidates and enhances the development of the enterprise, but also brings greater business opportunities for the enterprise. It helps establish good personal connections and utilizes good government resources to promote the development of the enterprise. 
In recent years, chambers of commerce have made outstanding contributions to overseas investment promotion. Especially after the proposal was put forth by the Belt and Road Initiative, the Chamber of Commerce organized many enterprises to do trading overseas and bring excess products overseas. 
A presentation has been given to introduct the Australian Project in Melbourne "Enrichment Homes". The project will be the major project in the CBD surroundings and become a new landmark of Melbourne.
The Project located in downtown Melbourne 8 kilometers, along with a very beautiful river for planning and design. The total area is 128 hectars. It is a multifunctional project that combines creative, leisure, business, green, energy and so on together, including the high Swiss Villa 2000 buildings, 4000 residential households, for  tourism, commerce, catering, schools, police etc.    The purpose is to meet all the demands of residents in Melbourne.
The company hasbuilt a standardized and efficient operation and management model, rigorous andmeticulous management process is now running through every job. At the sametime,it relies on astrong team from home and abroad with strong planning and design, constructioncapacity, innovation as the soul, to provide customers with advanced services. Customers will satisfy through the efficient and standardized technologyand business, development, construction, pre-sale, sale, sale of the entireservice system to ensure that customers provide quality and efficientpersonalized service.
Shenzhen City in the real estate Development Co., Ltd. is the original Shenzhen City Western Multi-channel CommunicationTechnology Co., Ltd. of the company. The Western multi-way company wasestablished in February 15, 1999, is specialized in real estate development formany years, intelligent building planning and construction and construction ofthe general contracting, and communications engineering, security, monitoringsystems, automation, design, construction and engineering maintenance.
The company hasseveral overseas architectural design engineers, in the real estate development, design, construction, and communications technology, and theworld's major architectural design institutes, and communications companies,research institutes, standardization organizations have extensive and in-depthcontact with the world real estate Cooperative development and intelligentbuilding industry, have a deep understanding and architectural design,construction capacity. Through the development of domestic and internationalconstruction of the situation has a close technical exchange, according to theneeds of the international market focus on the introduction of various types ofinternational advanced level of construction and technical personnel, the coredesign technology cooperation is widely used in the real estate industry athome and abroad. At home and abroad project construction design, construction,and technical personnel have been recognized by everyone in the industry madean outstanding contribution.
At the end of the event, Shenzhen City in the real estate Development Co., Ltd. assists the General Assembly in appointing the new members to the association, giving flowers a greeting to them, inviting entrepreneurs to interact in order to  build relationship. All entrepreneurs said that they would work together under the leadership of the chamber of commerce, and looking forward to a bright future. 
Zhongqing - chairman of Shenzhen City in the real estate Development Co., Ltd.
Born in Guangdong Meixian, 
Graduated from Shenzhen University (Business Administration) 
Worked in Shenzhen internatioan Exhibition Centre from 1989 to 1993. afterwards moved to United States and worked as CEO of City Western Multi-channel CommunicationTechnology Co., Ltd till 2016. 
Nominated as chairman of Shenzhen City in the real estate Development Co., Ltd. in 2016.