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Sichuan delegation business tour

Release date:2019-08-16

On the afternoon of August 5, Sichuan Grain Group and Yimin Group delegation arrived at Melbourne International Airport. The Australian Enrichment Holding Group and the Australian Century Star Group arranged a warm reception and provided an exciting tour of Melbourne city. All the guests from China enjoyed the iconic scenery and the culture of Melbourne. In the evening, Enrichment Holding Group arranged a great western-style dinner with local specialties. After the delight communication during dinner time, both the delegation and Australian partners had a firm confidence in this trip and future co-operations between each other. The Chinese guests also felt the sincerity and enthusiasm of the Australian company.

At noon on the 6 August, the delegation visited the largest farm business in Swan Hill. They investigated fruit bases, packaging factory, barley planting and transportation transfer stations, and the vegetable and fruit growing storage base which occupies over 2,900 acres. Local government councilors and officals from the Ministry of Agriculture accompanied the delegation with the inspection and had a great lunch together. They exchanged cooperation intentions on more agricultural and sideline products projects in the future and reached a consensus on coopertaion. The short business lunch ended in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

In the afternoon, the group visited the Woorinen South Farm Park. They stepped into wheat fields to see the growth of the crops, farming machinery, reservoirs and they were attracted by the phenomenal scenery of the vast green field and the sight of harvest. Then they visited the grain processing factory to learn the steps of collecting, concentrating, processing, drying, storing and transporting of cereal products such as barley wheat. They also learned about the different scaling and processing techniques compared to it in China. Australia's local agricultural industry chain is larger and more complete. As a meticulously selected project by Enrichment holding group, it will certainly be a high-return and successful investment. 


On the morning of the 7th, the group visited the fruit packaging factory in Mildura. The high-tech production line, professional testing technology, strict quality control skills, high-precision screening process, etc., won the recognition and appreciation of the delegation. August is the in the season of harvesting citrus such as sweet navel oranges and lemons in Victoria. The delegation had the chance to enter the farm and enjoyed the fruit picking. All delightful scenery of harvesting and beautiful views of the spring field are captured in camera by everyone. So far, from the source of cultivation to processing and transportation, the Sichuan delegation conducted a comprehensive understanding of the northern Victoria Farm. The Victorian expedition was successfully completed. Then the delegation drove to South Australia to continue the inspection tour of the winery in the afternoon.  


On the afternoon of August 9, the delagation returned to Melbourne after the South Australia tour and then visited the shipping station in the habor area on the east side of Melbourne. They learned about the processes from sample collectionn ,dsitribution, testing ,standard assessment to loading, dispatching, and transporting. All workers were strickly controlled to ensure and compelet China-Australia import and export trade cooperation. This trip to Australia was seccessfully compeletd. The delegation will travel to Malaysia to continue theri business visting.