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How to choose investment business size?

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Project Description


The new policy for Immigration Office is encouraging exportation. There will be some related documents in office for checking. The trading investment amount is low but profit is relatively high. (If no worries to sell) It can be long-term business. It can save you from the problem of leasing contract and selling business afterward.

Investing amount is small but high profit and it can be long-term business.

We will assist our clients signing supplying contract directly with the supplier in Australia which can help to ensure the exclusivity of resource so the clients will have exclusive product source and price advantage.

We will request the clients to have their own selling channel. And we can assist with the logistic between China and Australia, customs clearance, license of import/export, storage in Australia, recruiting and training. Our clients will sign the contract directly with the supplier in Australia and pick up the goods in China with no intermediate fee. We can also help to apply sole agency for some products.

The variety includes: Wine, honey, oats, UHT milk, beef or lamb, seafood like lobster, strawberry, cherry, feed grass for cows, chicken powder, fish meal, coal mine, iron mine, brass mine, colored mine like manganese Ore, aluminum ore, rare titanium ore, zinc ore waste recycle, waste tire, waste plastic, health care products, skin care for baby, Italian olive oil and leather (direct export from Italy to China), tencil (direct export from Austria to China)…Etc. We can also contact the supplier of specific product for our clients.     

Choosing medium or small business investment

If the investment amount is within 300,000 the owner can earn its own salary. One of the model of medium or small business is the former owner will manage the business on behalf of current owner. Although there will be no bonus from the business profit, at the same time there will be no risk of reinvestment for business operation. Most of the former owner will have the experience of assisting application of visa 892. So the applicant can work in the store and get involved in daily operations. 

Choosing medium or large business investment

The investment will be more than 300,000. If the business is running well there will be enough sales to afford a recruiting manager and the net profit can be 40,000-50,000 or more. It can be sell back to Australian market or keep the business for long-term. (Being a shareholder or delegated administration. Australian lawyer can manage the legal document to protect the benefit of both parties) In long-time perspective, value of real estate in Australia is keep growing. So it will be better to put investment in commercial property in long-term.