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Queensland State Government Beef Cattle Cultivation Project (Key project)

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Project Description

Queensland State Government Beef Cattle Cultivation Project (Key project)

This cultivation and building expanding project of beef cattle is supported by Government of Australian United States and Queensland State. The project progression will have 3 stages: substantial increase of the cattle amount, building new slaughter house and building new over sea vertical supply chain. The progression of the first stage has finished 75 % so the investor can direct purchase entire project or choose to purchase stock. This project benefit from tax and subsidy policy from government. The turnover rate will reach more than 30 %. The investor can monopolize the beef supply. 

The farm size is 2306 hectares including river. The transportation from freeway to harbor will be only 58 km. Close to prosperous commercial and tourism town. Fully equipped farm and good business condition. Better future is foreseeable after expansion to fulfill high market demand. The investor will own the distribution right of beef produce and beef cattle supply. Suitable for investor aiming on Australian farming industry or the enterprise in meat-packing or sales business. By controlling the Australian beef supply to be in a crucial position in market competition and fulfill huge product demand in the world.