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Membership Program

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Project Description

Chapter One - Executive Summary

1. Background

Enrichment Holding Group was established in 1970 by a group of investors and people with business and political background. Based on this foundation, there are more than 30,000 of Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs conduct a substantial wealth and impressive business strategies every year. As their powerful influence and leadership has been approved in many different industries, Enrichment Investment (ERI) club will be an ideal association for them to connect with each other through an annual business conference for business learning and advancement. This will includes Business Culture, Strategy Development and Business Management.


2. Characteristic

Enrichment Investment (ERI) club is an international non-for-profit organization with an independent legal status. ERI will be headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with other branches will be established continuously in some provinces of China, which includes Tianjin, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Liaoning, with a solid business philosophy of being further oriented, meticulous, professional and systematic with cultural approach.


3. Objective

An Integration of government resource, industrial resources and other social and economic resources as a professional platform to provide and further enhance the value of enterprise and the contribution to society.


4. Intent

To effectively meet the need of entrepreneurs and corporates, a practical and honourable membership program will be applied with a great diversity to further extend the professional network and build up a long term mutual-beneficial partnership.  


Chapter Two - Organizational Settings

1. Name of Organization

Enrichment Investment


2. Office Address

Suite 909, 530 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia


3. Organization Structure

a) Steering Committee

b) Shareholder Relations Department

c) Membership Department

d) Customer Service Department


Chapter Three - Membership Program

1. Introduction

To value our respected members, each member will be provided an ERI certificate, and the exclusive member scarf or tie for attending our annual conference.


2. Eligibility

In order to protect each member’s right, the club would follow a strict process to assess every membership application by following qualification.

a) Good personal reputation and business morality

b) Responsible for a senior leadership position in all types of business and corporate setting

c) A positive bank credits and assets

d) A mindset with kindness and gratitude

e) An attitude to pursue higher living quality and advanced business model

f) A client of Australia Enrichment Holding Group


3. Benefit and Obligation

3.1 Member’s Benefit

a) Participation in all club conferences and events

b) Enjoy the exclusive corresponding  service at different levels of rights

c) A part of decision making for new membership application 

d) Ongoing networking and open discussion for all relevant activities 

e) Anytime withdrawal of membership 

3.2 Member’s Obligation

ERI reserves the right to refuse entry into the membership should it deem the organization to be inconsistent with its mission


4. Terms of Membership

ERI membership is an ongoing member service with long term benefits

4.1 The Value of Membership

The value of membership is based on the network formed by the club, the integration of political and business resources, the professional service system and the additional benefits along the service.

4.2  Membership Policy

a) Associate Membership

A positive public impression and social status in the community

The leading enterprise has certain reputation and influence in the industry

Proven success in business culture and branding establishment

The standard raise of becoming an associate member could be expected annually

b) Presidential Membership

Well-established personal bank credits and positive financial status

A remarkable personal and corporate reputation with great potential in business growth

The leading enterprise has strong influence in the market, the ability to lead the industry with economic growth, and the creativity for business advancement

4.3  Transferability

ERI membership is transferable to other new applicants or existing members while the club reserves the right of approval for overall assessment 

4.4  Membership Promotion

The club’s promotion system is established for members’ self-advancement. Each associate member have the equal right and opportunity to be promoted to platinum level based on the economic strength of the enterprise.


5. Member service

5.1  General Service 

General Service is an ongoing service provided for every associate member. Members have the right to participant the internal meetings, enjoy the business service, become a shareholder of Australia Enrichment Holding Group with stocks awarding and the right to purchase corporate shares. The professional business consultation and club resources regarding brand promotion, marketing and industrial cooperation is also available for members to effectively expand the market opportunities.

5.2  Premium Service

Premium Service is exclusively provided for presidential members with a full range of business service. In particular in the fields of Government Relations, Government Project Management, Land Development, International Business, International Investment and Financing, Media Management and Industrial Cooperation. An invitation to the luxury and limited business reception hold annually in headquarter with the cash coupon valued AUS$1,000 (Valid only once per member.) 


Chapter Four - Steering Committee

The mission of steering committee is to monitor and benchmark ERI’s service system for long term benefit and development to our members. The committee consists of:

a) Leaders or senior managers from government economic department or industrial regulatory authorities 

b) Chinese ambassador to Australia

c) Leaders from international trade associations

d) Managing directors from bank, wealth management company, fund and investment company, and loan company

e) Economist from academy of social science

f) Famous school professors and experts from all different industries

g) Successful entrepreneurs from leading business 


Chapter Five - Service System

1. Core Value of ERI Service

a) Professionalization

b) Standardization

c) Systematization


2. Service Area

a) Australia-China political and business resource interchange

b) Travel Vacation and networking

c) Entrepreneur’s economic forum 

d) Industrial cooperation and connection

e) Business alliance


Chapter Six - Operation and Management

1. Operation 

1.1  Core Value

For our valuable members, ERI provides an international service system with high efficiency and practicability to support each member fulfil and maximize both individual and business potential.

1.2  Planning 

In the development of annual service plan, ERI’s service project and product will be designed with professional and methodical approach based on the different needs of club members.


2. Management

2.1  Project Management

a) A synchronic system management of project and product cross all branches 

b) The management and supervision of industrial cooperation among club members

c) Support each branch for business and product management from headquarter 

2.2  Membership Management

a) Use CRM system to effectively establish and manage the membership data base, which includes information maintenance and privacy protection

b) Through an innovative business model and service system to create and expand the social circle and business potential for club members 


Chapter Seven - Supplementary

Membership in Enrichment Investment is open to any person interested in the declared purposes of the association. A person seeking membership will be accepted as an associate member of ERI upon the registration process includes submission, assessment and acceptance.


At ERI, we are committed to earning member’s confidence by demonstrating our commitment to privacy. In order to join ERI, each member has to agree the terms and conditions mentioned in this proposal. Member rights include, but not limited to the information above. ERI reserves the right to modify the policy.


Last edition: 18 August 2015