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The professional services of Enrichment Education includes pre-school counseling, study abroad application, language training, graduation internship, vacation study and other rich product line education and study service system. Enrichment Education also launched the “China-Australia Cooperative Education Program”. Students can choose to study language training in China or Australia and participate in the Australian College Entrance Examination to provide a more professional overseas study system for overseas students preparing to study in Australia.

On this basis, Enrichment Education maintains long-term good cooperative relations with Chinese and Australian educational institutions and Chinese and Australian investment institutions, and has created high-end brand projects such as “household education” and “excellent graduate enterprise training career planning” for international students. To meet the different needs of the students' families at all stages of study abroad. Taking the application of the prestigious school as the basic starting point, aiming at building a better future for the students and even the students' families, we will pay attention to the quality improvement and future development of the international students in a comprehensive dimension and achieve success!

Our Services

AEAS language training and test
VCE study and exams
Pre-counseling for international students
International Student Choose School
Application for international student visa
International students medical insurance
International student airport pick-up
International student accommodation
International students bank account
International students school interviews
International students enrollment
Excellent graduate career training