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Project Description

Australian Lamb



Australia produces high-quality lamb and mutton. They grow on natural pastures and have a high yield of meat. Most of the lambs come from areas where there is good rainfall or irrigation. The season in which meat is produced varies from place to place according to the climate. As a result, the whole country has a supply of high-quality lambs all year round. (Australian producers have improved the breeding and breeding techniques of mutton sheep and produced lambs with large and lean flesh and high meat ratio. China is one of Australia's most important export markets for beef and mutton.



Sheep in Australia live in natural pastures, which are either fertile areas with abundant rainfall or irrigated areas with abundant aquatic vegetation, so the quality of mutton produced is high. In meat processing aspect, Australia uses a combination of a long research history and modern world-class meat processing plant, the pursuit of product quality and consistency, they made the strict industry standard, livestock production guarantee system, transportation and livestock market quality assurance system, processing plants also have specific criteria, there is a detailed traceability system, can understand each born sheep pasture and feeding conditions, etc., the strict system to ensure the quality of Australian beef and mutton has always maintained a tender, juicy, natural, safe, healthy and tasty, Australia is internationally recognized no major sheep epidemic disease area.



Australia has exported frozen meat for more than 100 years. Frozen products have been quite mature in terms of vacuum packaging, effective barrier against oxygen and bacterial pollution, and prevention of water loss. And they are also very considerate in cutting, there are all kinds of cutting parts, and processed semi-finished products, very convenient to eat, a piece of bone sheep hind leg, as long as the low temperature thaw can be eaten.