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Project Description

Australian Beef 



Most Australian beef cattle are raised by natural grazing. Australia has a vast territory and vast natural grasslands with fresh air and clean water. Australian grass-fed cattle are nourished by the steppe with abundant water grass, so their meat is tender, juicy and nutritious. China is one of Australia's most important export markets for beef and mutton.



To maintain high standards for beef products, the Australian beef industry and governments at all levels have worked together to establish strict standards and systems to ensure integrated production and traceability of products. The Australian government and industry have set up a "meat safety commission", which is made up of government and industry representatives to ensure that all beef products meet the highest safety and hygiene standards at all stages from pasture to consumer.



Traditionally, Australian beef is basically divided into 9 grades, ranging from M1 to M9, with M9 being the highest grade. More than a decade ago, Australian farmers to Japan's cow to Australia to reproduce, and the introduction of the United States Angus cattle breeding, (100% pure lineage and cattle), and with Japan's breeding technology to aquaculture develop [Australia and cattle], it’s delicious beef level far above the M9, so much above the M9 added M10, M11 and M12.