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Melton Central Shopping Center Development Plan


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Property description

Project summary:

1. Address: High Street, Melton, VIC 3337

2. Land space: 390,000sqm

3. Government approval:

  5 steps planning

  1st: Master Home Improvement 

  2nd: Big Box Appliance Shopping Mall

  3rd: Shop on Shopping Centre

  4th: Medical Centre

  5th: Motor City Car Showroom

4. Area Introduction:

4.1 Area Analysis:

Accroding to research of RPDATA website, Melton is the area having the fastest growth rate of real estate price. Population growth per year will be around 6% per year. With 120,000 population for now and having the prospect to reach 200,000 by 2026. The minister of City Planning just announced that Melton area has been included in City Development Border Area. So the potential of this area will be truly exciting.  

4.2 Traffic condition:

45 km to Melbourne CBD, 23 km to Melbourne Airport. Right besides Western Freeway so it will be easy to go to CBD. 

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